About Jurex

About Jurex

Jurex Story

Jurex Center for Legal Nurse Consultants was founded by Elizabeth G. Rudolph, JD, MSN, RN. Ms. Rudolph realized that options for nurses looking to become Legal Nurse Consultants were limited and costly, in both time and money. She took it upon herself to develop a program that was thorough, affordable, and that nurses could complete in two days or at their own pace.

Ms. Rudolph began offering the Live Course, Video Course, and Online Course. To meet the demand for additional courses, Ms. Rudolph started the highly successful Post PLNC Certification Internship. Nurses who completed the course wanted even more education and materials, and Ms. Rudolph responded to their requests with cost-effective marketing tools, essential business forms, the PLNC Marketing Package, additional books, and materials to make it super easy to be successful. 

Today, Jurex is growing rapidly as the need for legal nurse consultants increases. Our Jurex Expert Directory is in great demand by attorneys and prospective employers to locate Professional Legal Nurse Consultants. Our three PLNC Certification Systems address the ever-changing medical malpractice landscape and include the tools you need to be successful.


The mission of Jurex is to provide high-quality, flexible, and affordable certification training to nurses to allow them to assist attorneys in medical-legal cases. It is our goal to train each nurse to be a professional, dependable, and valuable part of the legal team. Through certification and ongoing training, we seek to keep nurses on the cutting edge of developments in the medical-legal field.