“Elizabeth is a dynamic lecturer- she maintains pace of the course while keeping the audience engaged in the content. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”
–Susan, NC

David, NY

“Now realize I have more to offer since this course.” -David, NY

Caitrin, TN

“Elizabeth made the Live Course very interactive and gave GREAT examples.”
–Caitrin, TN

NeQuita, GA

“I liked the clear presentation and the immediate feedback at the course.”
–NeQuita, GA

Caroline, IA

“Organization of the course materials made it easy to follow. There was a flow about it.”
–Caroline, IA

Darlene, TX

“Elizabeth helped me gain the confidence in myself. She has made me believe that I can do this!” –Darlene, TX

Cherina, CA

“The Video Course was so easy to follow. I truly enjoyed watching it.” –Cherina, CA

Kathy, CO

“I completed the Online course on my own schedule. It was easy to follow because it tracked the textbook.” –Kathy, CO

Allison, AZ

“Elizabeth Rudolph and Jurex are the authorities on Professional Legal Nurse Consulting. I’m glad I took the course from the experts.” –Allison, AZ


The PLNC Certification Course was affordable and I did it in two payments.
-Chandler, MO

Sarah Beth, MA

“I whole-heartedly recommend the PLNC Certification Course. Every nurse should go for it!” –Sarah Beth, MA