Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PLNC Certification Test?

The PLNC certification test is a proficiency test. The test consists of several scenarios and you answer the questions as you deem appropriate. This is a test of the knowledge you just acquired and designed to show mastery of the subject matter. The certification test is given two ways depending upon your preference: at the conclusion of the live course or via email.

Where do I submit my answers to the PLNC Certification Test?

If you took the PLNC certification test at the conclusion of the live course, turn them in to the instructor. If you completed the Video Course or Online Course, email them to:

How quickly are the PLNC certification test results provided?

PLNC certification test results are usually provided within two weeks. Your PLNC certification certificate is emailed to you.

How do I receive the 15 accredited continuing education (CE) credits?

The 15 accredited CEs awarded are printed at the bottom of the PLNC certification certificate.

How does Jurex help with job placement?

The Jurex Expert Directory is the place attorneys look to hire PLNCs. Be sure you list all your contact information on your profile page in the Jurex Expert Directory.

Does Jurex “recommend” PLNCs to attorneys?

No, we do not “recommend” one PLNC over another. We provide a list of all PLNCs and they select the PLNCs.

What does the Unlimited Mentoring Program include?

The Unlimited Mentoring Program is includes unlimited email contact with us for as long as you stay PLNC certified. If you have questions you would rather ask by telephone, please feel free to call us.

What is the refund policy?

The refund policy for the PLNC Standard System, Live Course component, requires that you confirm cancellation in writing at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the first day of the Live Course for a refund minus the $75 processing fee. The PLNC Star System and PLNC Premium System, including the Live Course, Video Course and/or Online Course, are nonrefundable. Jurex reserves the right to cancel any live PLNC certification course and will convert live PLNC certification course registrations to the PLNC Video Course, and without refund.

When must the PLNC certification course be completed?

All PLNC certification courses, products and services must be completed, including completion of the PLNC certification test, within one year of purchase.

How are the items I purchased shipped?

All shipped items are sent via U.S. Postal Service.  If you would like the items shipped overnight, the overnight charge additional charge from the carrier will apply.

Can I review medical records only and not testify?

Yes.  Most PLNCs review medical records only and do not testify.  If you decide to testify, you can earn more money. 

How likely is it for a case to go to trial?

The majority of cases do not go to trial. If you decided to testify, more than likely it would be limited to a pretrial proceeding.

Two Steps to Register:

Step 1: Select the PLNC System: Standard, Star, or Premium

Step 2: Select the course format:
Live, Video, or Online

Upcoming LIVE Courses

Live Course

LIVE Course

Attend the two-day Professional Legal Nurse Consultant certification course LIVE. Come in a nurse, leave a PLNC.

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Video Course

Video Course

The video version of our Professional Legal Nurse Consultant program comes complete on DVD with a choice of downloadable or mailed copy of the textbook. Simply watch the DVD and then complete the certification package. Upon completion, you will receive a frameable certificate indicating your Professional Legal Nurse Consultant Certification.

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Online Course

Online Course

Receive four complete lessons via email with a link to download the textbook you will rely on to learn the material. Work at your own pace and fit learning to your schedule. Then, complete the certification package.

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