Video Course

Video Course for Legal Nurse Consultant

Video Course

The video version of our Professional Legal Nurse Consultant program comes complete on DVD with a choice of downloadable or mailed copy of the textbook. Simply watch the DVD and then complete the certification package. Upon completion, you will receive a frameable certificate indicating your Professional Legal Nurse Consultant Certification.

Video Course Objectives:

  • List five services a PLNC can provide.
  • Identify the two top reasons for becoming a PLNC.
  • Describe four cost effective marketing tools.
  • Outline the essential parts of a consulting contract.
  • Describe the four elements of a medical/nursing practice lawsuit.
  • List six legal terms to incorporate into your PLNC practice.
  • Identify the five most common standards of care issues in lawsuits.
  • Develop responses to the five most common standards of care issues in lawsuits.
  • Describe key research techniques for use in reviewing medical legal cases.
  • List the ten essential deposition strategies.
Disk 1

What Is a Legal Nurse Consultant?
Why become a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant?

Chapter 1 Becoming a PLNC:
Starting Your PLNC Practice
Self-Employment or Traditional Employment
Full-time or Part-time
Consulting versus Testifying

Chapter 2 Marketing:
Marketing Your Legal Nurse Consulting Practice
Cost Effective Marketing Tools
How To Create an Effective Curriculum Vitae and Resume

Disk 2

Chapter 3 Business Development:
Setting Up Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business
Preparing a Consulting Agreement
Setting and Collecting Fees

Disk 3

Chapter 4 Litigation:
Understanding the Litigation Process from Complaint to Trial
Legal Terms You Need To Know

Disk 4

Chapter 5 Litigation Support:
Reviewing, summarizing and giving opinions on medical records
Case Screening Checklist

Chapter 6 Evaluating Cases:

How to review medical records
Identifying Medical/Nursing Malpractice

Chapter 7 Research:

Key Research Techniques
Simple Research Tools to Use in your PLNC practice

Chapter 8 Reporting Your Findings:

Providing Reports
Preparing a Targeted Case Evaluation

Disk 5

Chapter 9 PLNC Tools:
Preparing Chronologies
Drafting a Case Screening Form

Chapter 10 Testifying As An Expert Witness:
Essential Skills/Areas of Expertise
Being an Expert Witness/10 Key Deposition Skills

Medical Record Review:

Analyze and evaluate sample medical records
Focus on essential medical/nursing issues in a case

Disk 6

Sample Complaint Analysis:
Lawsuit Complaint evaluation
Step-by-step analysis of a lawsuit document

Certification Test


Video Course

Other Available Formats

LIVE Course

LIVE Course

Attend the two-day Professional Legal Nurse Consultant certification course LIVE. Come in a nurse, leave a PLNC.

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Online Course

Online Course

Receive four complete lessons via email with a link to download the textbook you will rely on to learn the material. Work at your own pace and fit learning to your schedule. Then, complete the certification package.

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