Premium System

Premium Certification System

Premium Certification System

Complete Legal Nurse Consultant success package.
Your all-inclusive kit.

PLNC Certification Course (Live, Video, or Online)

Start as a nurse, finish as a PLNC. Attend the two-day PLNC course live OR watch it on DVD or Online at your own pace.

PLNC Certification Textbook (Hard copy or download)

Core course textbook forms the foundation for the PLNC Certification Course. Written in easy-to-understand language, this book contains key information and techniques to use in your PLNC practice.

PLNC Certification Test

Short proficiency test simply tests basic knowledge to work as a PLNC in any setting. Take the test at the conclusion of the live course or have it emailed to you.

Frameable PLNC Certificate

Show off your PLNC certification credentials with this beautiful certification certificate. Display it proudly in your office or home.

Unlimited Mentoring Program

Get help via email whenever you need it from PLNCs who have been there. Your mentor will answer your questions and offer support and guidance along the way.

Profile Listing in Expert Directory

Your complete profile page in the Jurex Expert Directory means it is easier for attorneys to find you when they need a PLNC.

APLNC Association Membership

Connect with other PLNCs, benefit from their experiences, and stay informed of the latest industry trends. Get access to exclusive benefits, resources, and services.

PLNC Listing Available To Attorneys

We help you make connections in the legal field. You can never have too much business, and getting connected and staying connected to attorneys is the key.

Ten Ways To Avoid Getting Sued: What Every Nurse Needs To Know eBook

Find out the do’s and don’ts and learn how to reduce your liability by following these ten key principles.

Fifteen (15) Accredited Continuing Education Hours

The PLNC certification course awards fifteen contact hours from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). For more information, go to Accreditation.

PLNC Post Certification Internship

Step-by-step the internship walks you through the start-up process, including reviewing, analyzing, and preparing case reports. The PLNC Post Certification Internship is an essential credential to have on your resume.

PLNC Marketing Tools

This downloadable must-have marketing guide includes e-workbook, forms, tips, articles, and more. It specifically addresses your PLNC marketing needs. A must-have for any PLNC business.

12 Essential PLNC Business Forms

A download of twelve essential business forms for your PLNC practice. These forms are in Microsoft Word format and can easily be edited to fit your specific business needs.

15-Minute Marketing Flashcards

Fifty-two flashcards with ideas you can implement right now. Don’t wait — start AND grow your PLNC business.

PLNC Marketing Package

A complete identity and marketing package for your PLNC business. Choose from several templates you can download for your business cards, letterhead & envelopes.

Resume Building Service

We re-tool your resume to stand out in the crowd. Give us a draft resume, we do the rest.

PLNC Success Techniques

Eighteen practice building modules directly address what you need to know to be successful as a PLNC. These PLNC Success Techniques are the secret formula to PLNC success.

How To Write An Expert Report Book

Step-by-step you will learn what goes into a case report. No more guesswork. A case will be presented and analyzed. Specific instructions are provided. Sample reports included.

Testifying Nurse Expert Witness Book

The book will give you the confidence you need to take the stand. Learn fundamental testifying strategies for depositions and trial. Great knowledge whether or not you ever testify.

Premium Directory Ad

Get your PLNC business noticed immediately on the Jurex Expert Directory. With a Premium Directory Ad, your PLNC business will be prominently showcased. The Jurex Expert Directory is the place attorneys and employers look to hire PLNCs.

Buy Premium PLNC System: $4999

Two Steps to Register:

Step 1: Select the PLNC System: Standard, Star, or Premium

Step 2: Select the course format:
Live, Video, or Online

Upcoming LIVE Courses

Live Course

LIVE Course

Attend the two-day Professional Legal Nurse Consultant certification course LIVE. Come in a nurse, leave a PLNC.

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Video Course

Video Course

The video version of our Professional Legal Nurse Consultant program comes complete on DVD with a choice of downloadable or mailed copy of the textbook. Simply watch the DVD and then complete the certification package. Upon completion, you will receive a frameable certificate indicating your Professional Legal Nurse Consultant Certification.

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Online Course

Online Course

Receive four complete lessons via email with a link to download the textbook you will rely on to learn the material. Work at your own pace and fit learning to your schedule. Then, complete the certification package.

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