As a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant, odds are that the hardest part of the job is getting clients. Especially that first client. How do you do it? There are any number of answers to that question. But we are going to focus one easy to accomplish step:

Talk to Everyone

This sounds like a no-brainer, but people are generally unwilling to toot their own horn. Don’t be one of those people. We aren’t suggesting you go around bragging to anyone and everyone that you are now a PLNC and, therefore, walk on water. No, rather, we suggest that you find any and every opportunity to mention your new Professional Legal Nurse Consultant career path and discuss it with others. Let the subject come up in conversation naturally, but don’t miss your opportunities to mention your work.

For example, the nurse in you starts talking with your next door neighbor as you both retrieve your mail.

“Hi there,” you say.

“Hi. How are you?”

“I’m great. Working on this new business of mine.”

“Really, what business is that,” your neighbor asks.

You now have an opportunity to give a little information about your Professional Legal Nurse Consultant business. Also, have that PLNC business card handy to pass along during these types of conversations.

What is the point of telling everyone, including attorneys, about your new career path? You are planting seeds. A popular theory in social science is that we are all only six degrees, or six other people, from anyone else on this planet. With that in mind, you pass your card to your neighbor. He puts it in his wallet. His boss mentions that his daughter just went to work at a big local law firm. So your neighbor passes the card to his boss, as much to get it out of his wallet as anything, but it helps you, no less. The boss asks his daughter if she knows what a PLNC is. She does and he gives her the card. Two weeks after you talk to your neighbor, you get a call from this large law firm. And so it goes.

Don’t be a braggart, but don’t be shy about letting the people you come in contact with know are are a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant. You never know who they might know.