It’s time to do the work of actually setting your goals as a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant and figuring out how to make them happen. When it comes to business, your legal nurse consulting goals should meet a few simple criteria.

  • First, they should be realistic. This doesn’t mean easy. It just means not to set a goal of going from 0 to a million dollars in six months. If you set the bar unrealistically high, you can set yourself up for disappointment. Instead, go from 0 to $25,000.00 in six months. Even up to $100,000.00 if you are an ambitious PLNC. Not only are these numbers more realistic, but even if you don’t reach them, you might get close enough to encourage you to kick it up a notch and do better the next six months.
  • Once you have the realistic part down, you need a deadline. These two criteria go hand in hand. A million dollars in six months, starting from zero, might not be realistic, but it does have a deadline. However, a million dollars is not out of the question. Rather, if that is your PLNC goal, it needs a different time frame. Give yourself five years instead of six months. So, part of evaluating how realistic a goal is can lie in evaluating the timeframe for achieving that goal. Regardless, you need a deadline. By setting a time limit, you motivate yourself to do the work to reach the goal.
  • Finally, your goals need to be written down. When you write down your goals, you can see if they are specific enough to be reachable. You can also step away from them, then come back and be certain that they are the right goals for you. You can either handwrite them or type them out. Whether you use your phone, laptop, desktop computer or tablet, or use paper and a pen, you must record them. The biggest advantage of writing down your goals, however, is that doing so is like making a contract with yourself. The goals are no longer in your head, but out in the world. You can see them in black and white.

Focus on only a few areas to improve. As those areas improve, the other areas will also get better, riding on the coattails, so to speak. Now, begin. You can do it!