As a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant, part of your job is marketing your services. In this age of the Internet and smartphones, advertising on the web has become common and expected. Can online legal nurse consultant marketing help you?

In short, yes. But how?

There are a few key ways to market your PLNC services online:

  • Jurex Expert Directory
  • Online ads
  • Get published
  • Launch a website 

Jurex Expert Directory is your online directory for Professional Legal Nurse Consultants. As a PLNC, you login and easily create your profile. Attorneys looking for Professional Legal Nurse Consultants can access this directory. So, keep your profile current. 

Online ads are just what they sound like. They are ads for your business placed on websites. Unlike print advertising, online ads don’t cost as much, and can free depending upon the website.

Getting published sounds overwhelming to most people, especially if they aren’t writers. But, if you have experience in an area you would like to highlight, write a short article (no more than 800 words) about your experience and offer it to online magazines and e-zines. You might even get paid for your contribution. But the real benefit of publishing is that it establishes your expertise and gets your name out there to potential clients.

Launch a website is relatively straight-forward. You don’t have to be a professional web designer to have one anymore. Or, use a Facebook page for your Professional Legal Nurse Consultant business. Then, you can put your online web address (your URL) on your business cards and letterhead.

The Internet is a huge resource with millions of users around the world. You probably already use it for keeping in touch, entertainment and even news. Now, use it to build your business.