Civil litigation is the legal process that occurs when a lawsuit ensues. It is different from criminal law, as it addresses civil redress, as opposed to dealing with crimes. The civil law focus is on the conflict between the parties and the attorneys steer the outcome. The Professional Legal Nurse Consultant (PLNC) is hired by one side or the other and is the nurse expert for that side. The PLNC role is extremely important and can be instrumental to the outcome of the case.

While there are many types of practices in the civil litigation field, Professional Legal Nurse Consultants practice primarily in medical malpractice and personal injury. This means, the PLNC will review medical records for either side in cases where medical malpractice is alleged or where the individual believes they are injured. The Professional Legal Nurse Consultant may opt to testify, as well. Thus, expanding the options for participating in cases.

The area of civil litigation is vast and expansive. This translates into the potential for numerous opportunities for PLNCs. Most cases do not go to court, but the medical records still need to be reviewed by qualified experts. This is where the Professional Legal Nurse Consultant steps in – the review of medical records and the rendering of an opinion by the PLNC, also known as the nurse expert witness.

Ever heard the expression “the world is your oyster”? Simply put, this means a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant in the expansive field of civil litigation has unlimited potential. Time for every nurse to join in.