Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Certification course completion time
All PLNC certification courses, products and services must be completed, including completion of the PLNC certification test, within one year of purchase.

Refund policy
The refund policy for the PLNC Standard System, Live Course component, requires the registrant and attendee confirm cancellation in writing at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the first day of the Live Course for a refund minus the $75 processing fee. The PLNC Star System and PLNC Premium System, including the Live Course, Video Course and/or Online Course, are nonrefundable.

Live Course event
Jurex reserves the right to cancel any live PLNC certification course and will convert live PLNC certification course registrations to the PLNC Video Course, and without refund. Jurex is not liable, nor responsible, for any costs associated with cancellation or refund.

PLNC Marketing Package
All items in the PLNC Marketing Package are customized and, therefore, nonrefundable. No more than two changes to the materials are permitted prior to final completion. Written approval must be provided by customer at final completion. In all cases, the PLNC Marketing Package must be completed within one year of purchase. Items in PLNC Marketing Package are downloads. Printing is not included. See further explanation in Refund Policy above.

Jurex, LLC reserves all rights under law and copyright law. No materials, information, packages, systems and the like may be reproduced in any format without express written permission by the president and member of Jurex, LLC.