So, you want to create your own schedule instead of working each holiday, alternating weekends, and summers. You have skills as a nurse that you would like to use and you have always enjoyed hearing about the law. Your favorite T.V. programs include Judge Judy, Law and Order SVU, and reruns of Boston Legal. How can you work for yourself using your nursing skills and include your passion for lawsuits? Be a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant (PLNC)!! Think about these three self employment options:

  1. Money: You want to earn lots of money. There are bills you need to pay, vacations you want to take, places you want to go but you need cash. You need cash now. Being certified as a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant is the perfect fit.
  2. Time: You want to be with your family. You want time off. You need down time. When you are working for yourself as a PLNC, you own your own time. You decide when to take a case, you decide when to review the medical records, you decide when to put together your report, you decide when to send your invoice to the attorney to get paid.
  3. Self-esteem: As a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant, you are valued for your expertise. You went to nursing skills for a reason, and here is the time you can actually use those skills – in legal cases. You are valued for the knowledge you have or can acquire. You are, in essence, the teacher and the attorney is the pupil. You get to explain nursing skills in layperson’s language. You get to translate the medical abbreviations and jargon. You are driving the case because you, as a nurse expert witness, are an essential part of the case.

It’s your time. Own it. Be the Professional Legal Nurse Consultant (PLNC) you always wanted to be. In just 2 days, you will be legal nurse certified. Now that’s what I’m talking about.